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Commercial & Worker's Compensation Insurance

Protect your company's assets with coverage from R.Y.A. Insurance Agency, Inc. of Houston, Texas. We handle all lines of commercial insurance for your business needs, including general liability insurance. Our agents utilize their 30 years of experience to also write policies for auto, home, flood, and renters' insurance. When you come to us, you get a full-service, family-owned-and-operated insurance agency that will get you the best coverage at an affordable price. Contact us at (866) 935-7584 in Houston, Texas, for commercial and workers' compensation insurance that saves you money.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is perfect for all general contractors and small business owners. Using a quick analysis, we will help determine the correct amount of coverage for all of your needs.

Texas is a "Right To Work State" and does not require workers' compensation. However, this does not release you from your responsibility if someone is hurt on the job. We recommend that all businesses have workers' compensation plans to protect their employees on the job. The premium is based on certain payroll classifications.

If you use uninsured subcontractors, make sure you have them sign a DWC-85 Rejection and Separation From Coverage form developed by the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission. Have insured subcontractors provide you with a Certificate of Insurance showing you a Waiver of Subrogation.